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Meu Labs Beginner programme

This is for students with little to no experience but is familiar with the basic principles of maths and science. Perfect for middle school students between the ages of 12 - 15. During this program, your child will gain exposure to the following skills:

  • Basic programming [scratch, Arduino]
  • Electronic prototyping [simple analog circuits, arduino basics]
  • Hands on making [basic prototyping, hand tools and power tools usage]
  • Power skills [interpersonal skills, formal communication, time and effort management]
  • Complementary skills [management of money, creative expression and presentation]
  • Introductory Mathematics [modeling the real world with Math]
  • Introductory Science [explaining and understanding the scientific reasons behind real world phenomena]

Meu Labs beginner program is structured with 3 core modules

Tutorial Sessions

A structured fast-track program designed to orient young learners with specific technology tools.

Lab Sessions

A semi-structured workshop where students get the opportunity to come up with creative technology solutions and implement them through an iterative design process.

Synthesis Spell

A carefully curated replication of real-world decision-making environments where creative thinking and problem-solving abilities are honed and developed.

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