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Strategic level - For “Innovation Experts”

This program is for those with unique ideas or exceptional solutions. You will develop the technology and strategic expertise to make your idea into a reality. In addition, you will collaborate and work with peers who have similar interest in an open, innovative and supportive space. You will also be able enhance your skills in the following areas.

  • Programming [Python/R, C, Database Structures, AI]
  • Electronic prototyping [Basic electrical engineering, Mechatronics, Industry tools such as Eagle]
  • Hands on Making [Basic mechanical engineering, Mechatronics, Industrial manufacturing tools - machining, solid works]
  • Power skills [Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Product pitching]
  • Complementary skills [FInancial management, project management]
  • Mathematics and Science [Being able to use highschool mathematics and science principles to projects]

Meu Labs Innovation Experts program is structured with 3 core modules

Tutorial Sessions

A structured fast-track program designed to orient young learners with specific technology tools.

Lab Sessions

A semi-structured workshop where students get the opportunity to come up with creative technology solutions and implement them through an iterative design process.

Synthesis Spell

A carefully curated replication of real-world decision-making environments where creative thinking and problem-solving abilities are honed and developed.

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