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The proposed project-based learning method focuses on developing an approach of learning where the students will be able to relate the same methodologies to solve any issue faced in real life. It focuses on a systematic approach to define a problem, analyse background information and come into detailed conclusions. Each semester is given a specific theme where all students will come up with their own project to work on, within the boundaries of the defined subject theme. Students are given full freedom to decide their own project, allowing them to focus on what they like rather than enforcing a defined syllabus content on them. The freedom given to students will facilitate them to do what they like, come up with new and non-restricted ideas, analytically criticise options in hand to choose the best available option to achieve an optimal output.

The approach to complete a project will follow design thinking practices where students are encouraged to analyse an issue from different perspectives along with reverse engineering methodologies. Same will be followed by an implementation phase where the implementing aforementioned thought process will be put into practice. Each class will consist of approx. 20-25 students, and students mainly from age 11-17 will be able to join the program at foundation level. Each student will have to face a practical examination on the first day of each semester and based on the results they will be grouped with approx. 4-5 individuals per each team. The whole semester will be based on group activities while each student is monitored individually.

  • Foundation level - For “Knowledge Explorers”;

    Basic programs will be carried out to change their thinking patterns and perspectives, while giving hands on experience of implementing solutions as a group.

  • Intermediate level - For “Learning Enthusiast”;

    The program will be an extension to the foundation level learning module where more complexity is incorporated into the program and more weight is put into implementing marketable solutions.

  • Strategic level - For “Innovation Experts”

    The program will be for the Innovation Experts who come up with exceptional solution ideas and the program will facilitate strategic support to establish a business venture.

“The inspiration for our work comes not from a curriculum built for yesterday by the previous generation using the knowledge of the generation before, but from global education revolutionaries such as Elon musk whose' school Ad Astra which has no language, music, or sports lessons, but encourages students to work on complex projects, such as building battling robots, discussing nuclear politics, and planning how to defeat evil AIs,”

Meu Labs sessions are custom built for each program and student group based on the level of experience and final objectives. These sessions can last from a few hours to even pan across several months

These lessons are built using the experiences of others which includes a carefully curated one year experimental pilot program and the educational expertise of global industry leaders. The future of education requires radical changes and a vision, the kind of vision that not only focuses on the short term development of the younger generation but one that aims to develop students radically transform their career and long term development.