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Our Program Structure

The approach is a logical one but a very bold one!

The Meu Labs sessions are built on three key structures which aim to build specific sets of skills and create a specific type of environment for the students.

  • Tutorial Sessions

    A structured fast-track program designed to orient young learners with specific technology tools

  • Lab Sessions

    A semi-structured workshop to innovate and implement creative tech solutions through the iterative design process

  • Synthesis Spell

    A carefully curated replication of real-world decision-making environments where creative thinking and problem-solving abilities are honed and developed

An overarching theme of these structures is that they are first and foremost designed to be fun and engaging. Rarely would you see our students reading from a textbook or memorising facts and figures or for that matter sitting down. The majority of the conversations are dominated by the students and the instructors are mere guides or facilitators. We don't have exams and there are no grades. We only give our students feedback and they quickly learn to evaluate their efforts based on the contribution they make and the end result. This might seem unorganized at first glance but there is a lot of work that goes into these sessions. For instance no two synthesis sessions will be the same, One day your child we be the CEO of a tea production facility overseeing the plucking, processing, packaging and auctioning of tea at a simulated market environment and on a another day they we be leading a art gallery setting up shop in various countries around the world in a simulated art exhibition to attract the most visitors. We encourage you to refer to our blog series to learn more about project based learning and also what we do here at Meu Labs.

On top of revolutionizing how students learn, each of these sessions are designed with specific developmental goals in mind. We ensure that while your child has fun in an engaging and stimulating environment, they will take home with them tangible skills which will be used along the road. Each session will have students of similar level of exposure and expertise