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Foundational programme, ‘Project Mars’ is a mission to colonise Mars and promote space tourism which is centred around six engaging and stimulating puzzles that students collaboratively solve to complete.
This project is inspired by the real-life SpaceX mission to colonise Mars. We hope to enlighten our students with the knowledge and passion to be a part of such big endeavours in the future.

Develop a dashboard website

In the first puzzle you have to take the role of a web developer to create an informative COVID monitoring dashboard that fetches real-time stats from API’s. 
Targeted skills- Programming Skills (Back-end and Front-end)


Select your Crew

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. A gravida lectus eros, mauris. Sed morbi varius diam urna adipiscing non semper vulputate.Targeted Skills- Data driven decision-making, Communication, Human skills

Simulated Game

Code your rocket’s navigation system

Before we launch we need to make sure the navigation systems of our ship are properly programmed. Use block-based programming languages to create your own autopilot systems that also includes shields and missiles to avoid incoming asteroids
Targeted Skills- Programming basics


Promote your mission

Space tourism is a new concept to the world, so now we have to get creative and make an informative promotional video to educate and attract the public to join us on our journey to Mars!
Targeted Skills – Creative Expression, Marketing, Video EditingTargeted Skills – Creative Expression, Marketing, Video Editing

Da vinci resolve


Establishing a colony in Mars

Now you and your team will compete against other teams to secure a base on Mars in a nail-biting simulator strategy game! You will need to use your analytical skills to predict your opponent’s next move and conquer the red planet.
Targeted Skills- Game theory, Real-time decision making, Analytical thinking, Collaborative thinking

Simulated Game

Make your Mars Rover

In this final and exciting puzzle, you will put your engineering hat on, to design, code, and build a remote-controlled rover to navigate the tough Martian terrain!
Targeted Skills- IoT, Programming, Hands-on-making