Meu Labs alternative school

Meu Labs; An alternative school

Meu Labs Structure

Meu Labs is structured as an Ecosystem that allows a ‘Knowledge Explorer’ to explore different channels of STEAM education, get exposure and master skills and tools across a wide range of disciplines that matter to them.

To walk you through our curriculum:

Our ‘Fundamental Programme’ is all about the basics of a variety of disciplines such as; Robotics, Programming, Electronics, Creative Design, Writing etc assorted into a series of puzzles.

Next, to ensure you are not stuck in a class that bores you, our broad curriculum allows you to choose your desired learning paths. If your interest is in the building and the hands- on-making part of the fundamental course, you can choose a class like ‘Product design’ for the next step. (Here you will design, and make products of your own like smart fans, emergency power stations, desk assistants using 3D printers/CNC machines/PCBs.)

If our fundamental course invoked the artist in you, where you liked the 3D Animations, Designing and Video Editing, you can pick a programme like ‘Creative Expression’ which includes a little bit of everything like Drama, Communication Skills, Writing and Photography.

Once you have a taste of what’s out there, you can dive deep into a specialization of your choosing like Software engineering, IoT, or Cinematography.

At the end of this journey, you will have your own portfolio of projects that tells your own unique story to the world which you can then continue to develop as you go to college, work in the industry and continue to solve problems that are important to you.


We are lost in this outdated system that roots from primitive historical practices like the factory model with no effective improvements over the years.

Are we really going to conform to the ways of an education system that is clipping the wings of our next generation, simply because it cannot cater to the limitless possibilities of the human mind?

How are our kids going to think out of the box, when our education system traps them in one?

That is why we are determined to build an inclusive curriculum that children do not have to ‘endure’ but will want to ‘enjoy’.

Now more than ever education needs to be future-forward, personalized, interactive, skill-oriented and balanced to cater both hard and human skills.

The discussion here is not merely about ‘education’ but learning; purposeful, meaningful learning, with clear goals to achieve where we all know where we are headed.

We are not just an educational institution, we have launched a movement for change, challenging and addressing the loopholes of a failing system to make a future-ready generation of great thinkers and problem-solvers.