Our Curriculum

2023 March 21 | 12:56 am

Our STEM.org accredited curriculum provides a unique learning experience that combines project based learning with STEAM learning objectives to provide a fun, engaging and personally meaningful education for the next generation!

Our Ecosystem

Once a student enters our ecosystem, they get to explore a variety of domains at the foundational level after which they can determine which learning paths and specialisations they want to follow.
Let us walk you through the steps that a student can follow within our ecosystem from the foundational level upto professional mentorship.

You start here!


Explore multiple STEAM domains to spark curiosity and interest

Knowledge Explorers

Knowledge Explorers is our foundational programme that comes in multiple themes such as ‘Project Mars’ and ‘Project SuperHero’, each consisting of six interactive, fun puzzles that covers core areas of STEAM, where students navigate through essential subject areas and gain present day techknowledge!

Chase your passion!


Dive deep into Analytical, Engineering and Creative domains

Learning path - For the Analyst


The Analytics learning path is available for the Knowledge Explorer whose passion lies in areas such as Python programming, Data Science & AI, Mathematics, Analytics, Electronics, Scientific Research, etc which are coordinated competencies that facilitates the ‘mind’ component of the learner

Learning Path - For the Engineer

Product Design

The Product Design learning path is for the Young Engineer whose passion lies in areas such as Engineering, Electronics, IoT, Hands-on-making and Manufacturing which are coordinated competencies that facilitates the ‘hand’ component of the learner

Learning Path - For the Artist

Creative Expression

The Creative Expression learning path is for the young creative artist whose passion lies in areas such as Writing, Creating, Art, Cinematography, Drama, etc which are coordinated competencies that facilitates the ‘heart’ component of the learner

Specialise in


Path to expertise in your dream profession with industry-standard competencies


Artificial Intelligence




Computer Science

Data Analytics

Data Science & Mining

Economics and Finance

Networking & Cyber Security

Software Engineering

Product Design

Aerospace Engineering

Micro Controller Designs


Electronics & IOT

Energy systems

Industrial Manufacturing

Nano Engineering

Product Design


Creative Expression

Multimedia Production

Writing and Communication

Craft arts


Fine arts

Performing arts

Build a portfolio with us

Guidance and Mentorship

Life-long learning and build a portfolio with us

For International University Placements

International University Network

By now you have amazing portfolio projects to impress your dream university! Our academic counsellors will further guide you through this crucial step in your life and connect you with our global university network to assist you pursue your higher education

For the Entrepreneur

SEED Fund/Investor Network

Have a brilliant business idea? We have everything you need to make it a reality from investors, mentors, makerspace facilities and even potential business partners. Here at Meu Labs our goal is to make your next project change the world and help the community around you

For the Coperate Job Seeker

Organisational Partners

Organisational partners Ready to jump start your Dream career? Find your next internship or job with one of our corporate partners. With hundreds of projects under your belt, all you need is to brush up on your interview skills and let the projects do the talking.

Class Structure

Meu Labs classes are designed to be student – centric with a maximum class size of 20 heads where each student will be assigned to a team of 4. Individual attention is given to each student and a class will have a dedicated tutor who is always available to support and guide our young learners along the way.

A structured two hour session
designed to orient young learners with career focused technology tools

A semi-structured one hour workshop where students participate as a group to provide creative tech solutions to solve the weekly puzzle

A pedagogical mechanism
embedded in the tutorial and lab sessions to develop problem solving and creative thinking abilities

Speak With A Student Counselor

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